Again, hats off to this awesome blog for this week’s recipe. Ice cream cake for a hot summer day, but what’s even better is there is no dairy or gluten, etc etc in this ice cream cake so almost anyone can eat it (unless you have a nut allergy or get migraines from the caffeine in chocolate…but a reliable […]

Oh my goody goodness.  I am in love with this recipe – not to mention the entire blog I found this recipe on.  Again, I tweaked it a little bit to make it easier on myself and hopefully on you guys. Also, I know I missed putting up a recipe for last week but there […]

Simple simple simple.  This recipe is adapted from a recipe from Real-Life Vegan by Victoria Laine.  She has fantastic recipes that are super good for you.  I wish I could take credit for this recipe because its so, so good- but alas, I can’t 😦  The only thing I changed was the steps in mixing. So, […]

Thanks to my mother for coming up with this recipe and making it GF so I can still enjoy it!  This recipe makes a great breakfast or snack – eat it plain or mix it with some milk or yogurt and you’re good to go! What you’ll need: 6 cups rolled oats (certified GF if need […]

My favourite appetizer at restaurants is the Spinach and Artichoke dip that comes alongside warm, toasted pitas or chips – does it get any better than that  warm, creamy cheesy flavour?  I don’t think so, but it can get a lot better than sour cream and other cheeses when it comes to what you’re putting […]

Thank goodness for Pinterest – because of it, I was able to find this blog! And thanks to said blog, I can provide you with this recipe.  Can I say delicious? Seriously, it just tastes so good. I’m sure her recipe is delicious, but I changed it up a little bit to make it a bit […]

In an attempt to find something to snack on that follows my gluten-free diet, this muffin recipe made their way into my brain and kitchen.  I’m not really a spend $20-for-a-2-pound-bag-of-flour kind of girl so these are what I came up with for cheap, cheap, cheap!  No crazy flours you’ve never heard of either – […]