Thanks for looking at my blog!

My name is Jessica and I am currently a college student in Ontario and will be graduating in April.  I spend a few hours a day attending college classes, but I most enjoy spending my time coming up with recipes I can whip up in the kitchen or playing volleyball.  Besides that, I also enjoy reading, knitting, and fixing up old bicycles.

I grew up in a health-conscious family and could not be more thankful.  I think so often about those who think that eating healthy means you can only eat foods like lentils and tofu.  While I personally do not eat much meat, I hope you realize that eating healthy is so, so much more than limiting what you can eat.  There are SO many delicious recipes that are chock full of amazing foods.  The trick is combining them properly and in a way your taste buds will appreciate.

My hope is to provide recipes to you so you can expand your menu as well as to hear from you so that we can all help each other develop our healthy appetites.

Happy eating!



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