Monthly Archives: May 2013

Gluten-Free Fruit Explosion Muffins

In an attempt to find something to snack on that follows my gluten-free diet, this muffin recipe made their way into my brain and kitchen.  I’m not really a spend $20-for-a-2-pound-bag-of-flour kind of girl so these are what I came up with for cheap, cheap, cheap!  No crazy flours you’ve never heard of either – […]

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Recently, I decided I wanted to try eating gluten-free.  So I’ve been looking around for recipes and trying to come up with some new ones myself and I thought I’d share this one because who doesn’t like a good pizza! The crust for this is going to come straight from this awesome blog by Detoxinista. […]

Minnesota Chili

Thanks to my brother-in-law you are all getting an insanely delicious vegan chili recipe.  I had this chili a few months ago when I visited him and my sister and could not stop thinking about it.  So, naturally, the next time I visited I asked him to give me a run through of the recipe […]


I apologize for taking such a long time between posts.  I just moved across the country and am now just getting settled.  I am back into routine now and hope to be posting every Tuesday, so make sure you check back every week 🙂 Once again, sorry for the blogging lapse, here’s to hoping it […]