Raw Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake


Again, hats off to this awesome blog for this week’s recipe.

Ice cream cake for a hot summer day, but what’s even better is there is no dairy or gluten, etc etc in this ice cream cake so almost anyone can eat it (unless you have a nut allergy or get migraines from the caffeine in chocolate…but a reliable source a.k.a my father tells me its still worth eating it, just in smaller doses).

My mom is the biggest chocolate lover in my family, except she is also the biggest health nut in the family too so it has been an on-going process to find something that satisfies her healthy style and her chocolatey dessert-loving taste buds.  The whole time I was making this she kept saying “If this tastes good, I am going to be so happy.  I just might even kiss you if it tastes good!”  I will just say I was kissed – this is so stinkin’ delicious.


What you’ll need:
1 cup dates
1/2 cup hemp seeds
1/3 cup ground or whole flax seeds
3 tablespoons cacao powder
3 bananas (either frozen or fresh, whatever you have on hand)
1 cup dates
2 cups cashews, soaked
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 1/4 cups vegan milk (I use wild rice milk, but any will do)
1/4 cup cacao powder
2 tablespoons peanut butter

To make the crust begin by grinding the hemp seeds and flax seeds.  If you have a good blender/processor add in the dates and cacao powder and process until you have a sticky crust consistency.  If you do not have a good blender, cut up the dates and hand mix the crust ingredients together until you have a sticky crust.  Press it into a deep dish pan (I used a casserole dish, no fancy pans for me)

Next, throw the bananas, cashews, coconut oil, milk, cacao powder, and peanut butter into a blender/food processor and watch your vegan ice creamy filling come to life.  Again – if you have a good blender you can add in the dates right away.  If you have a crappy blender drop in the dates one or two at a time and let the blender work on them.  Either way, both fillings taste awesome.

Once everything is blended, pour the mix into the crust and freeze for a few hours/overnight/until you are ready to eat it – just make sure the cake comes out a few minutes before you eat it so its not too solid.  I cannot believe how delicious and ice creamy this cake was.  To. Die. For.




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  1. i’m making this tonight!

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